Adria Casamir

Tzimisce Koldun


Dark hair and eyes, with a slender build and elaborately maintained hair.


Twin sister to Zora Casamir, she was believed to have died two years prior to her sister’s Embrace, by drowning in a nearby river. Turns out she was embraced by the Voivode Koban, the local vampire lord that lorded over the region. She’s spent the last several years mastering the basics of Koldunic Sorcery and learning everything about her sire’s domain, and playing the obedient daughter.

All of this came to a head, when she was reunited with a very surprised sister, shortly before taking advantage of Koban’s moment of weakness, fighting a duel with Thomas Hastings, and diablerizing him. Her excuse was that he forfeited the duel by “cheating,” and withdrew the Voivode’s forces as agreed. She hasn’t been seen since, but Zora knows it’s only a matter of time before she shows up again.

Adria Casamir

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