Salubri Paladin


Azrael should appear to be a man in his mid-thirties, but his hard life has aged him prematurely, so he looks more like his mid-forties. His blond hair shows the first signs of a receding hairline. Hard lines have worn into his face and brow show the history of the battles he’s fought, and survived.


Youngest childe of the Salubri warrior, Uriel, Azrael was Embraced back during the reign of Charlamagne He led a cadre of his fellow soldiers against a cult that turned out to be organized by Baali vampires. His men died, but his Faith held them back. Uriel showed up, and helped him destroy the vampires, and revealed his nature, and the quest of Saulot. Moved by this tale, he accepted Uriel’s offer of the Embrace, hoping to use the darkness to destroy far worse monsters that lay waiting in the night.

Azrael brought the contemporary concepts of knighthoood and chivalry to his order. However, this came crashing to an end 150 years ago with the destruction of Saulot and the extermination of his people. He’s survived by spending his time beyond the borders of Tremere, hunting Baali in Outremer. Unfortunately, he got a Usurper hunting party on his trail, and he fled back West, where he eventually encounters our “heroes”, who save him from the Tremere.


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