The Longest Night: Factions Briefing Page

The Tal’mahe’Ra (The Black Hand)

Supposedly the oldest surviving sect of vampires, dating back to the days of Ancient Greece and Egypt. At this point in time, they are divided into East and West branches. The Eastern faction is concerned with hell, purgatory and the Shadowlands. They’re trying to find out what becomes of the soul after death. The Western faction is concerned with hunting down and destroying the Baali, and influencing vampire politics to curb both the vampiric population and its depredations on the kine. They meet in the Shadowlands itself, in a city they claim is the Umbral incarna of Enoch. They believe they serve the will of the Antediluvians; specifically, four slumbering in the vaults beneath the city’s ziggurat, referred to collectively as the Aralu.


  • The Antediluvians will rise again, and we must make the Children of Caine ready. If we are to survive their displeasure, we must protect the Children of Seth and prevent the worst excesses of our kind. It is best to keep Cainite fighting Cainite than it is to let the terrorize the kine.
  • The Tzimisce Eldest made a pact with something dark and twisted, dwelling beneath their ancestral homelands. They are monsters of the highest Order, and all who bear the mark of their dark patron (Vicissitude) are not to be trusted.

The Inconnu

This faction is founded by the surviving Elders of fabled Rome. Meaning the Strangers in the modern tongue, the Inconnu will become a passive faction of observers. Why? Because they are responsible for the fall of not only Carthage, but Constantinople itself. Gregorius the Malkavian was their agent, sent to drive Michael to insanity and crush his dream. But their success tasted like ashes as they realized too late they’d contributed to the destruction of the last remaining successor to their beloved Rome.

In response, the Inconnu withdraw from Cainite society as a whole. Their Council of Twelve retreat to a castle in the Carpathian Mountains, and pursue different paths to Enlightenment. Inspired by Saulots sacrifice, many turn inward, seeking Golconda. Others will recruit Monitors to watch the great cities of the world for threats like the one they themselves once posed to once-mighty Byzantium.

The Camarilla

Founded in 1435, in the wake of the First Anarch Revolt, it is organized by German Ventrue and French Toreador initially, bringing together the clans to form an organization who’s chief purpose to is to hide themselves from Mortals, and to protect themselves from those who will not be brought to heel. It has a rough start, but between Inquisitors and Anarchs, all but the most stubborn Elders agree this is in everyone’s best interest.

United, they bring the Anarch Revolt to an end, and by finally allowing the Tremere into the upper echelons of power, even the Children of Haqim will be broken and brought to heel. While a peace is forged, it also makes them many new enemies (see the next entry).


  • We are the government for all Kindred, excluding the factions who are our enemies. As such, we enforce the Traditions of Caine.
  • Most important of these is the Masquerade. Do not mortals become aware of our existence. For all our power, we are outnumbered by several orders of magnitude. Reveal us, and meet the Final Death.
  • The Antediluvians are a myth. Gehenna is a tale told to scare neonates into joining cults like the Sabbat.

The Sabbat

Founded in 1493, as a response to the Camarilla’s crushing victory over the First Anarch Revolt, this faction was created by those who refused to submit to the Convention of Thorns. Calling themselves “Antitribu”, the Anarchs of the clans re-organized as the Sword of Caine. Opposed to the Camarilla, who they see as pawns of the Antediluvians, and are sworn to their destruction. They are deliberately organized in a mockery of the Catholic Church, over which the Lasombra Antitribu still hold some influence.

There are several sub-factions with the greater organization. The rank-and-file are simply “the Sabbat” (or “False Sabbat” as the Elders of the organization secretly call them), they are composed of the “shovelheads” and shock-troopers, massed embraced and thrown at their enemies in bulk. The survivors who learn thrive and embrace the teachings of the group are formally initiated into the “True Sabbat.”

Over them are two conflicting organizations: the Sabbat Inquisition, which acts as a sort of Internal Affairs, rooting out diabolists and Camarilla spies. The other is the Black Hand, the elite special forces of the Sect, who also hold the most political power within the organization. IMPORTANT NOTE: the Sabbat Black Hand is the “False Hand” of the Tal’mahe’Ra. it’s populated by puppets and infiltrators, and is how the organization exerts influence over the Sabbat. It’s these manipulations that have caused the Inquisition to worry and oppose the Black Hand when their motives are in question.


  • Destroy the Antediluvians, and their pawns. ESPECIALLY the Ventrue and their damnable Camarilla.
  • Humanity is a pale, weak thing we left behind. We are Vampires, superior to the Kine in everyway. Our existence is a GIFT, not a curse. Walk the Paths of Enlightenment instead.
    Embrace the teachings of Caine, and be loyal to your Pact. Keep the Vinculum and other Ritae.
  • Bring yourself closer to the Dark Father: diablerize the weak Elders of the Camarilla and their pawns.

The Anarchs

A catch-all term for vampires who’ve reject vampiric society and rebel against their Elders.

The Anarchs will organize twice: the first in the 14th and 15th Centuries, instigating the First Anarch Revolt. This will result in the deaths of the Lasombra and Tzimisce Antediluvians, and even though it is ultimately defeated, it will result in the creation of the Sabbat from its’ ashes.

The second is the Anarch Uprising in the Western United States in the middle 20th Century. Anarchs will rise up in California and throw out their Camarilla Elders, declaring large areas of the West Coast to be Anarch Free States. Still, every city has its Anarch population, though most are ostracized and live in the worst areas of their respective cities. Many Brujah and Gangrel make up the modern Anarch ranks.


  • Fuck the Camarilla.
  • Fuck the Sabbat.
  • Fuck the Elders
  • Fuck you, too.


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