The Longest Night

A Treatise on the Cainite Condition - It should be Awesome!

Many of our kind call us Cursed.

Well, they’re right, just not in the way they believe.

In the beginning, Caine did slay Abel as commanded, and as the children of Seth could not understand the purpose behind the First Murder, the 7-fold Protection was placed upon his brow. In his pride, so much like the One Above All, Caine refused to apologize for his act.

Apparently, some of God’s servants weren’t very happy with this state of affairs, and took it upon themselves in defiance of His Word to lay own their own punishments upon Caine, as if the ignorant derision of those who would one day surround him would not be enough.

Michael, in his rage, cursed Caine to forever feel the burn of Fire morso than any other.

Raphael, in his arrogance, cursed Caine to never feel the light of the Sun again, for it will rend him asunder.

Uriel, in his imprudence, cursed Caine with The Thirst, and thus responsible for the increased power of The Beast within.

Only Gabriel, sent by God, offered a way through these imposed trials, that Caine(and by extension his childer) may one night surpass them.

Yes, we’re Cursed. But not by God, contrary to the beliefs of the Church, and indeed most of our kind. HIs servants, angered and left out of the loop, are responsible for the worst of our condition(barring Caine’s own wrath, responsible for the Clans we know and are annoyed by..remind you of Anyone?) and thus should receive the bulk of our displeasure.

If I may be so crude, as I was once with my own Sire…how the Hell is our condition so bad?

I don’t have to shit.

I don’t have to eat, avoiding any number of poisons, ill humors and base creatures that infest the food supply usually.

Air quality is irrelevant.

With a mere effort of minor will, I can directly use the power of the blood to see things no mere kine can see, to do things no mere kine can do.

As a Tremere, I can even bend some of the aspects of the Curses and Gods Decree themselves to alter the world, much as those of the True Magic can bend reality to alter the world.

Enlightenment, the learning of wisdom and knowledge, enables me to increase my personal power and ability to perceive the world in ways no mortal can, showing the continued rarification of my spiritual self.

Were it not for the Deific Devas, we would truly be Superior. I think this, they realized on some level, and sought to prevent it.

They will ultimately be unsuccessful.


virtualsoran RussFox

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