The Longest Night

A Treatise On The Cainite Condition - The Beast

There’s only so much time I can spend poking fun at Thomas, and Niklaus has been somewhat unavailable over the past few nights for discussions of a more theological nature.

So I’ve decided to start writing down my own thoughts about the Cainite Condition.

The first one I’ve decided to tackle is The Beast.

Every single Cainite knows about The Beast. Oh, you can call it different things, dress it up, but at the end of the night it is still the same entity: primal, bestial, a constant thorn in the side of any intelligent being. For all it wants is blood, shelter, and survival.

It is a force completely opposite to reason and thought; a thing devoid of reason, conscience or any emotions except hunger and rage.

I’ve come to the conclusion, in my admittedly brief time as one of the Cursed, that the Beast is nothing new. Indeed, it is the same thing that resides in the heart and minds of every single human being residing upon Gods’ earth. I’ve seen it many a time in the eyes of a mob of disgruntled peasents, in the fervant war cries of a Templar, the cold precision of a highwayman.

The Beast is not something inflicted upon us by uncaring and cruel Angels; it is just the same base urges that all Men have, given greater urgency and power by our partially ascendant condition.

A man may keep his beast in line by feeding it drugs, food, sex; the toils of his daily living offer enough to hold it at bay. Usually.

But Cainites? We no longer need to worry about food. The kine do the work and we sup from their veins, the precious life force concentrated for us. Water? Irrelevant. Work? Many do, but technically all one need do is feed a couple times an evening, and the wonders of Disciplines can render most normal weather a mere trifle.

Thus, the Beast roars louder, deprived of most of its distractions, constantly howling in our ear. FEED. FEED. HUNT. KILL. HIDE. It is one of the things that we must strive to surpass in our continuing evolution. It is one of the things that the precepts of Caine can help with.

Otherwise, you fall. And must be put down for the good of all.


virtualsoran RussFox

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