The Longest Night

The Journal of Thomas Hastings

Year 1205, Part I

August 12th 1205— Forgive me that I haven’t written in such a long while.. the event of Constantinople, with Michael, with its fall.. I just couldn’t bring myself to write. I feel I have lost something with its fall..perhaps a piece of myself. We traveled north to meet with our sires to discuss the past events.. and to help them with an favor they owed.

From the start, I didn’t car for the town we entered to meet our sires. Just the way it felt was wrong, something in the air perhaps. I was just chalk it up to a overly-traveled mind and a weary heart, when we came upon a slave market… a SLAVE MARKET! Of all the twisted ideas I would wish to remain in the past, here it stood, staring at me, almost grinning at me like a demon knowing it was under the protection of the guards around it..I wanted to slay the slavers and set the oppressed free, but it was pointed out that this was the law of the land. This made me sick to my stomach and we were turning to leave when a commotion brought us back to the attention of the square.

One of the slave, a beautiful young maiden with an apparent fiery streak, kicked her way to freedom and fled right toward us with the guards hot in pursuit. She ran right into my arms and look up wide-eyed at me. The guards caught up to her before I yelled “Hold!” Thankfully Zora could translate for me. The last bid was a paltry gold, so I pointed to her and called out 400 gold much to their shock. I tossed the bag of gold to him, amused by his greed and remembering his face, so that I could find my prey later. Having bought my “slave”, I looked into her eyes and simply said “You are free m’lady.” Strangely without a roll of her eyes, Zorra translated. She breathed a sigh of relief and told her story of how she was captured every so often hold my gaze as if to say thank you. It was the first time I felt a sense of goodness in my heart since those last few nights in Constantinople. Later that evening a wiry young cainite offered to buy her me and when I said no, he mentioned that the prince would be most displeased at my decision… as if I gave a shit..God there are times when I would just like to clean cities like these of the more debauched of these Cainites. None should be able to buy and sell these people.. the ownership of these souls belong to God alone, and to act against that should be considered Blasphemy…

Even though the bond was almost gone by this point, it was still good to see Lucius again. We may never have really been close, we always had close to the same way of thinking.. and that included taking amusement at the expense of haughty vampires.. in this case, Black Selene, Zorra’s Sire. After discovering our new-found power thanks to the… gift… of Michael (I will always wish there was another way, Michael, though you felt it was needed to preserve the dream, I fear it will always leave a hole in my heart..), they wanted to bond us to them.. again.

Our response was quick and to the point…I believe Zorra said it best when she simply said.. " I think this is bullshit!" of which I agreed, perhaps stealing a glance at her longer then I should…By God, she can be.. difficult, bossy and not alittle bitchy.. but, at the same time, she is beautiful, graceful, and in combat, she is poetry in motion… God listen to me, I am sounding like a love-sick poet.. hmm I should really make sure she NEVER reads this.. I will never live it down.

… Ahem, where was I?.. Ah yes.. There was an argument, in which we finally gained the upper hand (at least I thought at the time not so now that we are on the road to a god-forsaken ruin of a tower in the middle of nowhere..) in return for proving their innocence in Avalon (and making sure General Mithras wouldn’t just kill them all..) they agreed not to bond us with their blood. And, if we rebuild a tower to fulfill their boon to another, then they would release us from their service and we would be free.. well as free as we can be considering.

We agreed and the next night.. minus a little hunting done on my part..(what? you didn’t think I was just going to let those despicable slavers live did you?) and retrieving the gold that I gave them earlier..I suppose they were surprised that the gold was more for my purchase of them then just the fair maiden from earlier.. heh. Though my friends was not happy that I caused such a commotion, we quickly left the town heading east into the mountains.


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